Monitor Gamma Check

In order to view the images on this site as they were intended to be seen, a calibrated monitor is required. Most people do not own the software or hardware necessary to properly calibrate their monitors so the grey scale image provided above can serve as a rough approximation.

  • First, Make sure your monitor has been on for at least 30 minutes.
  • If your monitor is ideally adjusted you should be able to see the difference in all of the shades of grey from A-Y (the difference between X and Y may be difficult or impossible to see on some older or lower quality screens)
  • If you cannot see the difference in the shades A-C your brightness control may be set too high. Try lowering brightness.
  • If you cannot see the differences between the shades W-X your brightness control my be set too low. Try increasing brightness. You may not be able to see a difference between X and Y.

Keep in mind that ambient lighting can have a big effect on how bright images appear on the screen. Sunlight entering through a window can influence how perceive the brightness of your monitor. Try to calibrate your monitor under the lighting conditions that you most frequently work in.