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Digital Memory Card Guide

An article describing the various types and formats of digital memory cards available as well as recommendations on required card size.

Digital Camera buying guide

A discussion of the various features and specifications of digital point-and-shoot cameras. This article is intended to help you decide what features you need and which one you don't

Aquarium Photography

A guide to photographing fish and other marine subjects in an aquarium using basic photographic equipment.

Photo Editing Using a Digital Darkroom

The tutorials provided below are aimed at both being instructive and providing a demonstration of the types of manipulations which are easily possible with modern computer equipment and advanced image editing software. The program used for all the images appearing on this site was Adobe Photoshop. I am certain that similar results could be obtained using other software, however, Photoshop is the choice of most industry professionals and is the standard by which the others are judged. For the instruction provided here, a basic understanding of the tools and features of Photoshop is assumed. If you are not familiar with image editing there are many good texts and online lessons available from which you can learn the basic skills required. Please note that more tutorials will be added to this section as time permits.

Dust and Scratch Removal

Using the cloning tool to effect the removal of dust and scratches which may have been present on the original print, slide or negative (or that may have been introduced during the process of scanning) is an essential step in preparing a image for subsequent manipulations. Nearly all photos require at least some amount of retouching to remove dust.

dust and scratch

Levels Correction

A levels adjustment layer can be used to correct a color cast problem, improve contrast and control the overall brightness of an image, all with one step.

Colorization of a Black and White Photo

A step by step tutorial for transforming a black and white photo to a color one using Photoshop's adjustment layers, levels controls and selection tools. This tutorial starts with the repaired image from the dust and scratches tutorial.

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